Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle – A first hand look.

To say that the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle is well built is much of an understatement. The first thing I did when I got ahold of this air rifle was took it apart to give it a good cleaning and inspect the components.  Throughout the whole process I was amazed at how well this rifle is built.  Regardless of how inexpensive this air rifle actually is, the build quality is phenomenal.  This is should be expected of any Ruger rifle, as far as I am concerned.


All of the gaskets and seals appeared fine, and all faying surfaces seemed smooth, and tolerances tight.  It appears Ruger built this air rifle with the same quality of their firearms.  In my opinion, for less than 150$ this is the greatest bargain for any air rifle you can find today. It is a clone of the RWS34 but, as someone who has handled both, the Ruger Blackhawk air rifle is more of a joy to have around. It puts out more power and is very reliable in operation.  I own a number of air rifles that would be considered “advanced”,  but the Ruger Blackhawk will always be one of my favorite air rifles, and definitely the most fun to target shoot with. They are extremely accurate, totally reliable, simple to maintain, easy on the eyes, and overall a great pleasure to shoot.

The Ruger Blackhawk air rifle is incredibly strong and just feels perfect right out of the box. It does have a bit of a kick, which is to be expected in an air rifle with good power. So as with any firearm, it’s necessary to handle the air rifle such that you hold the rifle steady and follow through with the shot, because the barrel will rise a bit. The artillery hold seems to work best for me personally.  Overall, it is an extremely accurate air rifle through and through. I can do nothing less than recommend to any intermediate or advanced air rifle shooter.  The fiber-optic sights are fairly easy to sight in and once you get them sighted in you will be easily hitting 1″ groupings. I highly recommend this rifle for the price and quality. This air rifle is great for target shooting, as well as small game hunting

Oh did I mention this is a combo kit that includes a scope?  The 4×32 rifle scope is also made by Ruger as well, so you can be sure it is a good match for the air rifle. Although there is room for improvement, you wouldn’t want the scope to start outperforming the rifle.  I think the included scope is “just right”   Included are all required screws and rings to mount onto the air gun.  These are optics are average quality, nothing extremely special, but it will suffice well on thioos air rifle.  High quality optics will run you upwards of 200$  I see this as an advantage when shooting sniper rifles upwards of 1000 yards, but for shooter distance shooting for air rifles, the 4×32 scope is just fine.

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