Crosman RepeatAir 1077 semi-auto CO2 Budget Buster! (Review)



Speaking of Ruger 10-22, if there was an air powered equivalent, it would be this rifle!  Although not quite at the power level of a .22 air rifle, it fires its pellets at 625 FPS (Feet per second).  This also keeps the pellet below the speed of sound so you don’t scare your hunt away, or your neighbors.  The fantastic thing about this CO2 air rifle, is that if you miss, you don’t need to reload.  Simply pull the trigger again.  There is definitely enough power in the Crosman RepeatAir to deliver flat shooting out to about 50 feet.  After that you will have to begin compensating for gravity.  

Unfortunately, as with all CO2 powered rifles, power begins to drop off after about 35 rounds.  You’ll have quite a few shots left after that, but  they wont be as powerful.  Luckily CO2 is cheap and you can pick up 40 cartridges for less than 20$


The Crosman RepeatAir 1077 weighs in at only 3.7 pounds! What does this have to do with accuracy?  Less weight means more control.  This is the type of air rifle that you can shoot for hours on end and not get tired.  If hunting, I would keep your prey at less than 20 yards away, after that power begins to drop off.  If you’re shooting paper targets and do not care about knock-down power, feel free to move out to 40 yards….I think you’ll be impressed.  The front sight is fixed and fiber optic for low light conditions.  The rear sight is adjustable for distance.  As some prefer, the dovetail mount will allow you to attach the scope of your choice.


The impression I want to leave in this review of the Crosman Repeatair is that this is a wonderful little plinker; great for dropping cans and popping paper.  Yes, it CAN also take out small game such as rabbits or squirrels, but I wouldn’t be confident that these are clean and humane kills. Its even advertised as “good for hunting”, but I’m not so sure about that.  Its my recommendation that this air rifle only be used for target practice.  At ~600 FPS and the small .177, I cannot be confident that this is enough for a clean kill.  For a .177 caliber air rifle to obtain a clean kill, I would feel more comfortable if it was travelling at least 1000 FPS.

The Repeatair 1077 is great for what it is, a backyard plinker, and whats more fun than that?  If i’m leaving my house to shooting, I may as well take my rifle instead.


-Use round nose pellets in case one gets stuck in the barrel, they’re easier to remove.

-Use a scope.  The Iron sights leave a little more room for error than I like.

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